Cut the cord

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Re: Cut the cord
« Reply #30 on: February 13, 2018, 11:55:33 AM »
Round 2, Just went boxing with my internet service provider again, made more changes, told them I would be back.

Internet is now 30 Gb/s (was 20 Gb/s), done trough a firmware upgrade., more speed is good.

Transfer allowance, Download/Upload cap is now 150 Gb (was 125 Gb), that extra 25 Gb is what I was going after.

Free wifi router, it’s being sent by post, my Airport Base Station is getting old so now I have a back up plan.
Edit: it was offered as an encentive  ::) probably a cheap gizmo, Videotron charges $3.95 /month for rental, I would have preferred they credit me that $3.95 /month from my bill, but no go so I took the router, considering setting it up as a second Router for guests.

Bill also went down again by $5, I now save $60 from my previous reoccurring monthly bill, "paying less monthly" is also what I was going after.

So!, I have a better service, more options, more speed, larger download cap for less money then I was paying.

Bottom line, do your homework, get competitive quotes, be polite and respectful but be persistent, don’t be afraid to walk, forget price match they have to do better, the only loyalty they have is that constant reoccurring monthly bill, that’s what they really want, that steady flow of income.
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